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All aboard for the party of the year!

Play as your favorite characters from the Super Mario™ series on five classic boards from the Nintendo 64™ era. Come meet the playable characters and take a spin across the boards.

Meet the characters

Character navigation

Race across five classic gameboards

Live it up on five boards from the Nintendo 64 Mario Party games. Each gameboard is packed with zany events to keep you on your toes.

Peach’s Birthday Cake

Make your way around a delicious cake, and plant strawberries (that grow into Piranha Plants) to your advantage!

Space Land

Venture into the galaxy but beware of runaway spaceships and Bowser Coin Beam!

Yoshi’s Tropical Island

Explore two islands connected by bridges. Pay attention to which you want to be on!

Horror Land

Be careful! This eerie place guarded by ghosts is different between day and night.

Woody Woods

Wander the woods and follow the signs. Aim for a win and try not to get lost!