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1 vs. 3

One player faces off against three rivals. Play solo or as a team.

  • Piranha’s Pursuit

    Solo side: Mash the button to escape!

    Team side: Ground-pound to feed Petey Piranha with rain.

  • Tug o’ War

    Solo side: Use your super strength to pull the rope and drag the opposing team off the cliff!

    Team side: Pull your rival off the cliff first!

  • Archer-ival

    Solo side: Try to hit the moving targets.

    Team side: Avoid getting hit.

  • Look Away

    Solo side: Choose a direction to look by the time the music stops.

    Team side: Look a different direction. Don't get tricked!

  • Tidal Toss

    Solo side: Ground-pound the boat to send waves toward your rivals.

    Team side: Jump over the waves!

  • Boulder Ball

    Solo side: Roll boulders down the slope to interfere with the climbers.

    Team side: Dodge the boulders and get to the top!

  • Coconut Conk

    Solo side: Roll around to dodge the falling coconuts.

    Team side: Ground-pound to drop coconuts on the solo player!

  • Spotlight Swim

    Solo side: Stay out of the spotlight!

    Team side: All of you must shine all three searchlights on the solo player together.

  • Hide-and-Sneak

    Solo side: Find your rivals!

    Team side: Hide!


    Solo side: Play as the goalie and block shots.

    Team side: Play as the kickers, and try to make 10 goals.

  • Squared Away

    Solo side: Don't get crushed.

    Team side: Cooperate to chase down the solo player.

  • Tube It or Lose It

    Solo side: Try to pop your rivals' tubes.

    Team side: Steer clear until you reach the goal.

  • Pogo-a-Go-Go

    Solo side: Spin the stage to make your rivals fall into a hole.

    Team side: Don't fall into the holes.

  • Tackle Takedown

    Solo side: Run the ball to the end zone.

    Team side: Tackle the runner.

  • Skewer Scurry

    Solo side: Select a direction to attack. Try to fake out your rivals!

    Team side: Run and hide!

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