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2 vs. 2

In 2 vs. 2 Minigames, split into two teams and go head-to-head. Your teamwork will be put to the test!

  • Bobsled Run

    Team up with another player for a race. Cooperate with your partner so you don't fall off the edge. Fall, and you lose the race!

  • Handcar Havoc

    Race the handcars in teams of two. Be careful not to pick up too much speed on a curve. Fall into the lava, and you're out!

  • Dungeon Dash

    Teammates must move their feet at the same time to move ahead! You'll trip if you get the timing wrong.

  • Speed Hockey

    Knock the shell into your rivals' goal. The first team to score three goals wins!

  • Balloon Burst

    Pump air into the Bowser balloon until it pops! Pay attention to the gauge, and get in as much air as you can with each pump.

  • Cake Factory

    Work as a pair and make cakes. One player places cakes. The other, strawberries!

  • Sky Pilots

    Control the plane with another player, and fly to the finish line!

  • Etch ‘n’ Catch

    Work together with your partner to surround the stamps with your crayons.

  • Picking Panic

    Pass the cherries at the right time, and put as many as you can in the basket.

  • Eatsa Pizza

    Pair up to gobble as much of the giant pizza as you can! Pepperoni and crust take longer to chomp.

  • Dungeon Duos

    Help your teammate to clear all the obstacles in this dark, dreary dungeon!

  • Revers-a-Bomb

    Blow up the other side! Press the buttons that light up to send Bob-ombs to your rivals. Hit them 10 times to win!

  • Burnstile

    Jump to avoid the spiky turnstile!

  • Rocky Road

    Break down the boulders blocking the road, and be the first team to the goal!

  • Paint Misbehavin’

    Shoot Goombas to paint them your team color.

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