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All four players collect as many coins as they can. Collected coins are theirs to keep!

  • Hammer Drop

    Try to get the coins but watch out for hammers. Your coins get zeroed out if you fall off the edge!

  • Cast Aways

    Collect coins by fishing them out of the water. Adjust the distance of your cast with the Stick. Land a big one!

  • Parasol Plummet

    Collect the coins as you fall. Watch out for hammers!

  • X-Ray Payday

    Watch the boxes as they get x-rayed to see what's inside. Try to open boxes with coins in them!

  • Quicksand Cache

    Solo side: Stop your rivals from collecting coins!

    Team side: If you get sucked into the quicksand, you lose.

  • River Raiders

    Collect coins that travel down the river. Be careful not to hit the floating logs!

  • Money Belts

    Grab as many coins as possible. Don't fall off, or you'll lose time!

  • Puddle Paddle

    Climb aboard a two-person raft and collect coins. Be careful not to get hit by the hammers!

  • Cashapult

    Use the seesaw to launch into the air and collect as many floating coins as you can. Each player only gets two jumps though!

  • Winner or Dinner

    Grab coins, but watch out for Piranha Plants!

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