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Four players play against everyone.

  • Mushroom Mix-Up

    Hurry and move to the pattern that matches the sign Toad holds up!

  • Bombs Away

    Try your best not to fall off the island as it rocks and tilts!

  • Shy Guy Says

    Raise the same color of flag that Shy Guy raises. He's going to go faster and faster!

  • Crazy Cutters

    Cut along the lines and dig up the fossilized figures.

  • Tipsy Tourney

    Tilt to slide the shell and uncover all the panels.

  • Dizzy Dancing

    Fight through the dizziness to grab the clefs hovering above the record. Collect the most clefs to win!

  • Bumper Balls

    Bump your rivals off the edge.

  • Hot Rope Jump

    The flaming rope spins and spins. Jump the rope without touching the flames.

  • Tread Carefully

    Shoot the rival tanks! Get hit twice, and you're out.

  • Bumper Balloon Cars

    Use the spikes on your car to burst your rivals' balloons!

  • Sneak ‘n’ Snore

    Sneak to the button and out the door while Chain Chomp snores. Hide in the barrel so you don't get noticed!

  • Mecha Marathon

    Wind up as fast as you can so your mechanical Fly Guy flies the farthest!

  • Slot-Car Derby

    Drive four laps but watch your speed. Going too fast around the curves will make you spin out, so be careful!

  • Bowser’s Big Blast

    Take turns pressing the switches. If Bowser blows up on you, you're out.

  • Roll Call

    Count how many characters are milling about. Whoever is right when roll call comes wins!

  • Honeycomb Havoc

    Collect fruit. Adjust the number on the block to avoid catching the honeycomb on your turn.

  • Snowball Summit

    Roll up a big snowball to push out your rivals!

  • Ice-Rink Risk

    Avoid the Spinies that slide around the slippery ice.

  • Bounce ‘n’ Trounce

    Knock your rivals off the playing field. Do a spin attack to push them farther away!

  • Storm Chasers

    Water your Piranha Plant to help it grow!

  • Mush Pit

    Grab the Mega Mushroom and ram into your rivals!

  • Cheep Cheep Chase

    Swim for your life to avoid the giant Cheep Cheep! Dive at the right moments to avoid the bombs in the water.

  • Chip-Shot Challenge

    Hit the ball toward the flag. The player who hits their ball closest to the hole wins!

  • Rockin’ Raceway

    Race on your wooden horse. If you speed up too much, it'll get tired, so watch out!

  • Messy Memory

    Try to return all the scattered items to their original spots. When you're done, shut your curtain to stop others from cheating.

  • Trace Race

    Trace the guideline carefully with your crayon!

  • Booksquirm

    Stand under the holes in the falling pages so you don't get flattened!

  • Paths of Peril

    Be careful not to fall off the winding path on your way to the goal!

  • Dinger Derby

    Swing at just the right moment to hit the machine's pitches.

  • Leaf Leap

    Jump from leaf to leaf, and climb higher than everyone else.

  • Pushy Penguins

    Avoid the pushy penguins without falling into the water. Last one standing wins!

  • Coney Island

    Keep an eye on the shadows to catch the falling scoops of ice cream! Catch the most scoops to win!

  • Bill Blasters

    Aim for your rivals and fire away! But be careful—it won't count if it hits their cannon.

  • Night-Light Fright

    Let the Chain Chomp come as close as possible and stop it with the flashlight. Whoever stops it the closest wins!

  • Later Skater

    Be the first to finish five laps around the rink. Try your best not to lose speed!

  • Catch You Letter

    Pick up letters falling from the sky and give them back to the Shy Guy!

  • Trap Ease Artist

    Drop your cage at the right moment to capture as many Goombas as you can!

  • What Goes Up…

    Jump on Koopa Paratroopas to reach breathtaking heights! Whoever reaches the highest altitude wins!

  • Snow Whirled

    Outspin everyone else on your snowboard!

  • Monty’s Revenge

    Peek out of the holes, but don't let a Monty Mole whack your head! The player who stays out longest wins!

  • The Final Countdown

    Stay safe until time runs out. Be careful not to fall into a hole!

  • Pokey Pummel

    Keep swinging your hammer to knock Pokey down to size! Each segment takes five hits to knock out.

  • Manor of Escape

    Find the door that leads to the floor below. Be the first to escape the manor to win!

  • Goomba Spotting

    Count the number of Goombas that run by. Be careful, because once you've decided on your count, you can't change it.

  • Flash Forward

    Get to the center of the platform and face the camera just in time for the picture to be taken!

  • Rapid River Race

    Steer your hovercraft to the finish line. Go as fast as you can, but watch out for Urchins!

  • Face-Lift

    Pull and tug Bowser's face to try to match the example.

  • Dark ‘n’ Crispy

    Bowser is lurking in the darkness! Avoid him and his fire-breathing attack. Keep running until the very end!

  • Pit Boss

    Dodge Bowser's rolling spike spheres at all costs!

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