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High Score

Try to get the best score or create a new record.

  • Hot Rope Jump

    The flaming rope spins and spins. Jump the rope without touching the flames.

  • Mecha Marathon

    Wind up as fast as you can so your mechanical Fly Guy flies the farthest!

  • Slot-Car Derby

    Drive four laps but watch your speed. Going too fast around the curves will make you spin out, so be careful!

  • Rockin’ Raceway

    Race on your wooden horse. If you speed up too much, it'll get tired, so watch out!

  • Booksquirm

    Stand under the holes in the falling pages so you don't get flattened!

  • Dinger Derby

    Swing at just the right moment to hit the machine's pitches.

  • Leaf Leap

    Jump from leaf to leaf and climb higher than everyone else.

  • Later Skater

    Be the first to finish five laps around the rink. Try your best not to lose speed!

  • What Goes Up…

    Jump on Koopa Paratroopas to reach breathtaking heights! Whoever reaches the highest altitude wins!

  • Snow Whirled

    Outspin everyone else on your snowboard!

  • Pokey Pummel

    Keep swinging your hammer to knock Pokey down to size! Each segment takes five hits to knock out.

  • Rapid River Race

    Steer your hovercraft to the finish line. Go as fast as you can but watch out for Urchins!

  • Bobsled Run

    Team up with another player for a race. Cooperate with your partner so you don't fall off the edge. Fall, and you lose the race!

  • Handcar Havoc

    Race the handcars in teams of two. Be careful not to pick up too much speed on a curve. Fall into the lava, and you're out!

  • Sky Pilots

    Control the plane with another player and fly to the finish line!

  • Dungeon Duos

    Help your teammate to clear all the obstacles in this dark, dreary dungeon!

  • Ticktock Hop

    Jump and avoid the clock's spinning hands. Don't get hit!

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