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Sports and Puzzles

Enjoy sports at a leisurely pace or test your mettle with puzzles.

  • Beach Volley Folly

    This is a beach-volleyball match! Return the ball within three volleys and try to reach the point goal before the other team!

  • Ice Hockey

    This is an ice-hockey match! Don't forget to use your normal shot. It's useful!

  • Shell Soccer

    Split into teams of two and get kicking! Aim the shell at the opposing team's Goombas to take them out and win!

  • Mario’s Puzzle Party

    Break blocks by connecting two or more of the same color. Thwomps will occasionally fall and squash blocks for you.

  • Block Star

    Connect five or more blocks to remove them! If your timer reaches zero, it's game over. Remove ↑ and ↓ blocks to pester your rival.

  • Stick and Spin

    Connect five or more balls to remove them! Numbered balls go to your rival if removed. If 10 balls cross the edge, it's game over.

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